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When Do You Need Certified Testing and Consulting Services?

You want to prevent costly problems by implementing a proactive IAQ management plan

More than 20% of the occupants have complaints or adverse health effects

You do not know if the air quality in your building is acceptable

Mistakes or delays could have serious health, liability or regulatory consequences

Staff findings suggest a need for measurement requiring specialized equipment and training

You construct a new facility where measurement and verification is required

Annual testing is needed to meet code requirements



A Multi-Phased Approach

The ideal time to develop an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management plan is at the time of new construction. Indoor air quality issues arise in new construction and in established facilities. We start with an indoor air quality program that stresses prevention of problems -- testing your new installations, measuring and verifying that your systems are meeting standards and requirements and optimizing evergy savings. For established installations we provide annual testing and recommendations for corrective action when needed to solve your challenges. We can assist with facilities planning and risk management to preserve and enhance property value. Our experts also provide Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Certification, consultation services for new construction, existing buildings commercial interiors and core and shell projects.

There are many reasons to engage a professional who is also a licensed mechanical engineer. Our goal is to provide our clients cost-efficient solutions that identify and target the source of your problems. As engineers, we understand how indoor air quality, the HVAC systems and energy consumption are inter-related, allowing us to provide the level of service best-tailored to your needs.


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